Schmidt Games and Jigsaws. UK home of Schmidt Spiele

Welcome to the UK home of Schmidt Spiele

“Schmidt Spiele makes big games for little kids and little games for big kids – and vice versa!”

Schmidt Spiele are making a welcome return to the UK toys & game market. They’ve been away for three years but how now teamed up with Coiledspring Games to bring their exciting range of games and jigsaws back to the UK.
Schmidt are Germany’s number 2 jigsaws supplier and continue to be incredibly popular because of their innovative images and high-quality puzzles.
There’s so much to explore with Schmidt…

The popular Jigsaws Plus range bring something entirely new to the puzzle market and will solve that age old problem of finding a birthday gift that’s both fun and educational. There are 4 different lines in the range – Playmobil, John Deere, Me & Sue and Revell Aircraft.  Each line has 4 different jigsaws containing a varying number of pieces, from 40 to 280 pc, making them suitable for all age ranges. Each jigsaw in the line has a different toy encouraging children to collect all the toys and activities across the range. And then there’s endless adult jigsaw possibilities, a design and difficulty level to suit any jigsaw fan.

If you’re more of a gamer then we’ve got the popular family game Ligretto (a fast moving card game requiring lightning speed and reasoning powers) plus Hands up!, Auto Bingo and Big Points in the range of new Schmidt Spiele games in the Coiledspring portfolio. You can browse more of the collection here